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Through the use of his FloSculpt procedure, Dr. Ambriz will give you the Perfect "imperfect"  Smile you´ve been looking for, achieving the highest aesthetic outcome.
Dr. Ambriz uses a resin material to demonstrate the FloSculpt technique, allowing patients to physically see their smile without the use of digital imaging or models to show what they "may" look like. Upon finishing demonstration of FloSculpt, temporary resin material is removed and patient decides when to start treatment, Tooth structure is never compromised during the FloSculpt procedure. Not only does Dr. Albert Ambriz provide treatment for patients within the tri-state area but also world wide.
Boost Your Self Confidence
Transform your smile right before your eyes! Not only does having straighter teeth look more aesthetically pleasing but also provide a healthier smile. Straighter teeth means getting less food stuck between your teeth, which in turn decreases the accumulation of plaque and bacteria that cause bad breath and potential heart disease.

Anti-Aging The New You
Aging of the face is inevitable but there are ways to combat that process. By simply having really stained teeth, chips, fractures and rotated teeth you look older than your counter part that doesn't have the broken teeth. Turn back the clock by rejuvenating your smile. By doing cosmetic veneers, you can easily look 10-15 years younger.
Reclaim your smile You Deserve It
Not only do you deserve it, you owe it to yourself. Why look worn down? It's one of your most valuable assets: it can help get the job you want, let someone you know you love them, it can basically make your life easier.

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