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To get the perfect “imperfect” smile by Dr. Ambriz, this is how it all begins. During your initial consultation, Dr. Ambriz performs his FloSculpt™ procedure to show you what you can look like.

  • Tooth Structure is never compromised during the FloSculpt™ procedure
  • No impressions needed and all done on first visit
  • Painless procedure and best part of it, no needles
  • Dr. Ambriz uses a resin material to demonstrate the FloSculpt™ technique
  • FloSculpt™ allows patients to physically see their smile without the use of digital imaging or using models to show what they “may” look like
  • Upon finishing demonstration of FloSculpt™ , patient can see how natural their smile is, then temporary resin material is removed and patient decides when to start treatment

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Why is FloSculpt™  unique?

FloSculpt™ is unlike any other procedure because Dr. Ambriz not only uses facial features to determine the spatial relation of your teeth but he also uses anatomical landmarks to determine proper teeth size.

Why are anatomical landmarks so important?
Anatomical landmarks are important because it is a point of reference that can be used all the time. This is more of a scientific approach because many times, when people have plastic surgery procedures or there is a significant change in weight, people’s facial structure changes and for that reason, facial landmarks alone are not enough to determine the aesthetics of your teeth.

There is a reason why Dr. Ambriz chooses to do his FloSculpt™ procedure when designing your teeth as opposed to the conventional method, which is to take an impression of your teeth, send it to the lab and have a wax-up done to show you what you can look like.

Often times, the wax-ups look beautiful on the model but what you see on the wax-up model is not what you get in the mouth. The reason for this is that when wax-ups are done, there is no way of determine how much wax to put in the front of the teeth so you end up having really bulky teeth.
Conventonal method renders a very thick unnatural appearance
Wax-up done on study cast

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