See Your New Smile On Your First Visit!

Dec 10, 2015

Are you tired of the long process it takes to obtain your perfect smile? Dr. Ambriz wanted to shorten the typically 2-visit process into one initial visit-and he has.

On your initial consultation with Dr. Ambriz you will physically see your end results- and not with a diagnostic study cast or a computer screen. Dr. Ambriz uses his revolutionary FloSculpt® technique to make your new smile mold right inside of your mouth to demonstrate what you can look like!

There is a reason why Dr. Ambriz chooses to do his FloSculpt® procedure when designing your teeth as opposed to the conventional method, which is to take an impression of your teeth, send it to the lab and have a wax-up done to show you what you can look like.

Better Results

Often times, the wax-ups look beautiful on a model, but what you see on the wax-up model is not what you get in the mouth. The reason for this is that when wax-ups are done, there is no way to determine how much wax to put in the front of the teeth so your results can look bulky and unbalanced with your facial features.

Saves You Not Just Time, But Money Too

Dr. Ambriz’s FloSculpt® process cuts out the additional fees patients pay associated with traditional techniques. Materials used to take impressions and lab fees to construct wax molds are immediately removed with FloSculpt®. Not only do you save time by condensing your process to one visit-you can also save money.


FloSculpt® is unlike any other procedure because Dr. Ambriz not only uses facial features to determine the spatial relation of your teeth but he also uses anatomical landmarks to determine proper teeth size.
Anatomical landmarks are important because it is a point of reference that can be used all the time. This is more of a scientific approach because many times, when people have plastic surgery procedures or there is a significant change in weight, people’s facial structure changes and for that reason, facial landmarks alone are not enough to determine the aesthetics of your teeth.

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